Sunday, February 12, 2012


Small, veteran owned government contract management firm, Spriggs Consulting Services, announces the formation of the Spriggs Law Group to emphasize its service to clients in the practice of law before federal agencies and tribunals.  Bill Spriggs, the firm's Principal, says "our business model is to serve government contractors by solving their procurement related problems and help them be sure they comply with all federal procurement laws so as to avoid problems.  We specialize in problem solving and dispute avoidance.  However, not all disputes can be avoided, so we are creating the Spriggs Law Group to handle federal procurement litigation."

Spriggs has practiced law in DC since 1972.  After law school, he joined the Marine Corps where he defended Marines in Courts Martial.  He then joined The Boeing Company followed by Martin Marietta (now Lockheed Martin) as staff counsel handling federal government procurement disputes.  Through the years he has handled numerous cases before the Court of Federal Claims, the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals and the Government Accountability Office.  Based on his extensive litigation experience and knowledge of the contract management function, he established Spriggs Consulting Services in January 2011 emphasizing dispute avoidance, contract and regulatory compliance and resolution of disputes through negotiation and mediation.

However, Spriggs found litigation is in his blood and try as he might, he could not resolve all problems, such as claims and protests, short of litigation.  "Contractors need an experienced attorney on their side when encountering problems such as losing money on a contract or subcontract or losing a bid they feel they should have won."  Bill knows the federal government contract litigation tribunals as well as anyone and he has been appearing before them since 1968.  "You can't beat that kind of experience," he says.  "Moreover, I'm now positioned to offer services to small and medium sized clients with flexible pricing consistent with their budgets."

Spriggs Consulting services continues, emphasizing government contract and subcontract compliance reviews and audits, claim preparation, solicitation and proposal reviews and dispute avoidance and resolution.  The Spriggs Law Group handles claims, protests, disputes and appeals before all federal tribunals.  See and

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