Monday, April 17, 2017


Since we wrote How to Write a Request for Equitable adjustment, June 24, 2012, the note has received 7,427 page views.  There is no regulatory guidance on what needs to go into this document.  There is, however, a 6 page outline of what can be called the anatomy of a request for equitable adjustment.

I have offered to send this outline to anyone who asks.  Sadly, I must apologize to those of you who have asked and I have not responded.  The best way to contact me is to send an email to and I will send you the outline.

Do not make your presentation a long discussion of legal theories in search of the facts.  Also, do not tell a long story in search of a theory.  Keep the legal theories in mind, but concentrate on a logical, detailed statement of facts with supporting documentation.

And I again say I am sorry for those who missed getting the outline.  Send me an email and I will respond with the anatomy of a request for equitable adjustment. 

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